Or are you just carrying a circa 1985 pager?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Animas Ping, but there are definitely times when I wish there was a little less of it to love. Everyone who I work with directly knows that I have diabetes.  I’ve never had any urge to hide it, and even if

I wanted to, I think it would be nearly impossible considering the ridiculously long hours I work with these  people.  All the same, I’d rather not broadcast my ‘beetus to everyone else I run into in the course of the work day.

This is where Strategic Pump Placement ™ should come in.  I am a master of securing my pump to the inside of the waist bands of skirts, smuggling it in my bra and occasionally hiding it in a sock and running the tubing through the leg of my pants a la Kerri at Six Until Me.  The problem with all of these places? Access.  I know my Ping has a remote, and when my pump is stashed somewhere stealthy because I’m wearing a “date-night” dress, I make good use of it.

But when I’m facing a major project at the office?  When I’m on hour number 10 of what will probably end up being 20 hours of solid work?  When I haven’t seen my own office since sometime before lunch because I’ve been in one meeting after another and it’s now well after dinnertime?  On days like that I need to be able to deal with the device that’s attached to me and not the one I forgot back on my desk, preferably without fishing around in my shirt.

So what’s a girl to do?  At a certain point, I decided that having the occasional coworker or client comment on me “wearing a blackberry like the IT guy!” is far better than looking like I’m feeling myself up in a meeting or suffering from a severe case of disco boobs.